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Thursday, June 26, 2014



Attendence in the morning fall ins were getting more and more irregular as the days passed by. Seniors were also getting lenient and strict rules were no longer imposed heavily. Although there was an ample amount of discipline and other fall in attendences were very vital. Some of the batchmates were regular in the P.T fall in and a very few like me had resorted back to their old lifestyle. One such morning Hubba and Pinky entered the room early in the morning at about 7:45 am just after attending the morning fall in. Pinky would usually complete his breakfast after the P.T and come to room by 8:15am . Then he  would lie down the bed or study for the rest of the time till he realises that little time is left for the next fall in. He would hurry up getting ready for the 9:30 fall in and the classes. Going for the bath would be optional depending upon the time he had left with and the weather conditions and the mood he is in.  Pande would get up at 7:30am and reach the canteen before food has been served.  I would sleep till 9 am and after getting fresh ( bathing conditions similar to that of Pinky ) would directly get ready for the fall in , have my breakfast on the way and then reach the basketball ground well within time. My getting fresh and taking bath would hardly take 13 minutes. Quite punctual I was since childhood you see.

Anyways that particular day Hubba and Pinky had entered the room 15 minutes before my usual average waking up time.  I woke up due to the commotion they have created . Pinky was shattered by some news which he wanted to share. He said , “ Get ready to get screwed guys. We are gonna get screwed. Life’s gonna be screwed up .” He had used that screw word in many possible sentences. But Pande and I hardly understood the reason of his nervousness. Hubba mocked . “ Stop getting screwed so many times Pinky. We all know how much you love that.” Pinky did not give any expression to his mockery, as if something terrible had happened. We gave a blank curious expression towards Hubba expecting an explanation. Hubba started saying , “ Today in the morning fall in , the seniors have declared that tomorrow morning just after the P.T there will be a room inspection in all the rooms of our hostel. There is a big list of do’s and don’t s. Its just that we have to keep our rooms cleaned and no unnecessary belongings like ropes,  shoes , underwears , smelling socks , buckets , brushes , clothes should be outside.” Hubba had pointed all these while he was mentioning them.  All of the examples were lying on the floor or the chair or his bed. Pinky’s irritation showed up when he bounced back  , “ Yes I know  you have a clean big room and hardly they will check yours as it is in the faculty sector.  Its us who are getting screwwww…..leave it .” .  Pande was sitting on his bed and after listening to all these he said to Pinky , “ I want this room clean Pinky. Buckle up and start cleaning . By the time I come from the classes all should be in place.” Pinky fired back , “ Hey I am not your servant. You  have to help me.  Mota will also have to help me.  If you don’t do I will take your names during inspection.” Pamde started laughing , “ Arrey Pinky offcourse we would help. We will put our things inside. Everyone will put their own things inside and make their own bed clear  of their own belongings.” Pinky rolled his eyes from one corner to another corner of the room and realised that 90 percent of the things outside or belongings misarranged were his.  His voice became a little low and nodded in the form of  “yes”. I told that I would help him in clearing the table and the chairs.

After the classes and the evening fall in , I had gone to the computer lab for spending some free time doing orkutting and surfing the net. When I came back it was 8:30 pm. I entered the room but went out thinking that I have entered the wrong room. I saw the room number. It was 213. It was my room. Oh gosh!! I could not identify my room. It was totally changed. Bedsheets were nicely tucked in, pillows in order , shoes were in place, all the chairs were cleared of the unwanted clothes and were placed inside the table saving a lot of space. For the first time I felt that the room was big enough. The buckets and mugs were at the corners and the dustbin was no longer rolling under the bed. The socks and the underwears and the ropes had disappeared. “Did some angel come to the room ?” , was my question to myself. Pande was in Somen’s room. He came back and saw me standing and gazing at my own room. He danced his eyebrows as he looked at me. I said , “ What have you guys done?”. Pande said , “ not me friend. Its our Pinky. He had done it all alone. “ Meanwhile Pinky had also entered the room. May be he had gone to the bathroom. He gave a foolish shy smile at me. He was shy that he had so much unused talent. I looked him up with respect and said , “ bravo bravo…”. At night after dinner same thing happened with Hubba when he came to the room. He was not believing his eyes. He could not believe that it was 213.  Our room had become famous by then. All the other batchmates were visiting the room as if it was a museum opening.  Pinky however was getting proud at each visit. Somen who was always maintaining hygiene in his room all through the semester was a little puzzled at the attention diversion. But he was happy that Pinky had learned something good. He started giving lectures of hygiene and cleanliness. With 2 verses of encouragement and praise for Pinky he was also giving 4 verses of gyan baani. At last Pande had to say ,” Its getting late Professor. Go to sleep and let us too.”


Next day after the P.T fall in , we all were ready for the inspection. Eventually Dhawal bhaiya came to our room. He had a villainous approach and a sharp look. His gaze was very dangerous and unpredictable. He saw the overall condition of the room and said nothing at first. I saw Pinky’s face had a bright appearance and his eyes were agile. He was on his toe and would jump off the window at one instruction from Dhawal bhaiya.  Dhawal bhaiya looked at our faces and told to me, "Open the almirah”. I opened mine. Everything was in order. He looked at Pande and Pande opened his almirah which was quite clean as he hardly had any clothes. Everyweek he would bring 2 shirts and 2 pants and take them to his house back for laundry and bring other sets of 2. One of that he was wearing. So he did not have too many clothes.  Dhawal bhaiya looked at Pinky but Pinky  was hesitating a little bit. Dhawal bhaiya shouted , “ Now do I have to give you an invitation for that ?". His voice was loud enough to make Pinky’s engine running. The room was meanwhile surrounded with our batchmates. All were trying to be a witness of this great moment when our room is been inspected. Pinky handed over the keys to the senior. He opened the lock and as he opened the door of the almirah huge bunch of clothes and the belongings fell on him. Pande and I looked at each other with pale faces , we were sure now Pinky would know the meaning of “ screw up”. We did not have idea that he had stuffed all the belongings just like that in the almirah. The room was surrounded with shoes socks ropes clothes underwear deo spray bottle and finally one of the speakers of the music system tumbled over. Dhawal bhaiya was red with irritation. Pinky had turned pale and was ready for anything that was coming. Dhawal bhaiya said , “ What the hell is this? This is how you arrange. You call it a room. I won’t shit at this place even. What were you thinking stupid?” Pinky answered in a trembling voice and the last part of his sentence was unheard yet understandable , “ You said room inspection sir , I dint have the idea that almirah …..” Dhawal bhaiya , told Pinky , “ I want you to clear the mess up and I would particularly see your almirah today evening once more.  Be careful with your ideas.”


Pande and I had helped him clean his almirah and it was not checked by the senior after that. Maybe he knew that this time Pinky had done it right or maybe he could not face another falling of things on his head. However Pande and my helping him in sorting out was in vain as it was all the same just in 3 days. The room was again a mess with all the things rolling on the floor or stuffed in the chair or lying on the table. The bed was a mess again with shoes of different matches together.


After 2 weeks , one day after the evening fall in , Pinky came and shouted at himself , “ Why does it always happen to me?” . Pande , Hubba , Somen and I were giving an adda at our room .His unexpected reaction left us blank. He was running in the room cleaning his stuff and opened the almirah and started stuffing all the belongings. Pande exclaimed , “ What!!! Another room inspection ??? Who said ??”

Pinky gave a low toned answer , “ No , something more serious , and this time I am the only one getting screwed . It is for sure . “

Hubba , “ Come on, Who is coming to check ?”

Pinky in his same tone ,  “My parents are coming for a visit in few hours .”

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