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Friday, October 26, 2012

PARAMETERS 1. i - Through the college gate

It was always exciting for me to think that I would get admitted to a college and also I would stay in a hostel and study marine engineering which I have always feared as a child. My parents would use it as a weapon to control me.
It was my first day (AUGUST 16TH 2004) in the I.T.M.E  campus. I entered through the gate to see our administrative building in front of me. My father had accompanied with me in this occasion as it was the first day. He would  have never minded either if it was my first semester. He had been a lot more protective since always and sometimes that buzzed me off.
But I had too become dependent on him in many ways. From the administrative building I was told that my room no. was 212 in the hostel 1. So we started walking towards my hostel. I saw the gym , basketball court and the badminton court on my way. Quite impressive it was. Although I could not play a lot of sport but I was interested in a lot of things that kept me out of studies.
I realised that the hostel didn't have more than 212 rooms but it was just that the ground floor had rooms starting from 101 and the first floor started having rooms numbered from 201 to 216. I reached the room 212 . There was no one so I moved on and crossed a few rooms to reach 215. I saw a guy seating on one of the 3 beds. I knew the names of my room-mates which I had saw in the administrative building. I asked him if he was one of them. He said " No, My room no. is 216.  I am just siting here waiting for someone to come. As there is no one till now in my room and it is in the extreme corner."
I introduced him to my father. I told my father " You can go Dad, I will carry on from here. You need not worry ."
But as usual he was very keen to see till the end. He has always been like that. He wanted to stay until he met room-mates of mine. I asked him about his schooling and other infos and started getting known to each other.
My father started talking to his father as well who was also present there. After sometime I came to the outside of the room 213 and realised that some guys had come there. To get introduced I slightly pushed the door. I could see 2 new faces. One of them made a fast move towards me with his right hand in the gesture of a welcoming handshake.
"Hii,  I'm Priyankar."
"I'm Abhishek" I told him while I finished the handshake."
 The other guy was busy wearing a towel and asked me if I had a cigerette to which I gave a wierd negative nod.He said he would go to the bathroom and would come back soon. I forgot his name because he was only a guest to the college for a few days. He left college because of the ragging he could not take. However I would come to that part afterwards.
I found Priyankar very friendly. He had made the first move to our introduction and I found very comfortable opening up to him. I asked him about their third room mate. He said that his name what he saw on the list is Purbesh Pande but he has not arrived yet. Meanwhile the door opened and what followed was a silence. Purbesh entered. He was like the white giant or you may say a big white teddy. Afterwards we had named him " The Polar Bear ". and it took us for a moment to think whether to say anything or not. Priyankar asked a one word question "Purbesh ??"
"Yes. "
"Oh hi, I am priyankar and he is Abhishek from next room"
"Where is our 3rd roomy?"
The 3rd was standing at the door and he introduced himself by asking "hey do you have a cigerette ?"
Polar Pande said " No........ but if you get any please give a counter."
I wandered how it will look like if that bear smoked. Will it be Polar express...??
I thought of asking him many questions but I have submerged my quest as it was our first meet. I'm the guest afterall and behaved politely.
I realised that I have been there at that room for a long time so I asked for a minute and came to my room to see that my room mates had already come. We got introduced to ourselves. My father was busy talking to the parents who had come. Everyone was curious how this thing would go. I told my father in a confirmed convincing voice that I can take it from here and he must leave now because there is nothing to worry.
I repeated my confimations a few more times and after assuring that I would call home from the booth twice a day he left. I was the sole owner of my life now. I was independent. The life that I had wanted after class 11.
This would be the first night out for me. This was the beginning I suppose.

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